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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in our society. It occupies the 2nd place worldwide in aesthetic surgeries. For several centuries, the breasts of women have been considered as a sign of fertility and motherhood, but also of sensuality and beauty. Women seek this surgery for several reasons, such as not being satisfied with the size or shape, to correct asymmetries or improve the torso, to replenish the volume that was lost after pregnancy and lactation and to harmonize the proportions of their body. This can be done as an outpatient procedure, with regional anesthesia and sedation. Depending on the patient’s daily activities, a week of moderate rest is recommended and later they can gradually incorporate into their normal activities. Dr. Merino takes into account, at all times, the wishes of the patient; he has a high knowledge of the anatomy of the region, keeps up with current techniques, informs them the advantages and disadvantages of modern implants, and has a keen sense of aesthetics that help achieve pleasant, natural and attractive results. At Nuline, we only use implants of the highest quality, gel cohesive, responsive and with the best guarantees. In addition, we have the innovative CRISALIX System, a 3D simulator that produces digital simulated images of the most likely final results.