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Aesthetic nose surgery. During rhinoplasty, it is possible to eliminate “bumps” in the nasal dorsum, tip of the nose can also be defined and refined, also if necessary, position of the tip can be modified, stretch alar grooves or alter the nasal bone structure, always taking individual goals for each patient. This procedure requires great surgical skills and mayor aesthetical knowledge. Dr. Merino’s main goal is to offer his patients a gentle, visible yet natural result that matches the whole face appearance. This procedure can be performed under general anesthesia and in outpatient mode. There are no visible scars. Adequate recovery will take place after 2 weeks, but most of the patients can restart their academy or business activities after 3 days after the surgery. During recovery process a splint is used over the nose, along with surgical tape and other materials. In case the patients need ENT attention due to nasal obstruction or functional concerns, the ENT team will be working together during the surgery.